Recipient of the 2010 Survivor Bra

January 21st, 2010 | Posted by john in Fund Raising - (Comments Off on Recipient of the 2010 Survivor Bra)

I’m pleased to announce a recipient for the 2010 survivor bra. I could try to write my own intro for her, but I think that what I got in e-mail will do a much better job:

I am a 15 month survivor of breast cancer. The person who helped me the most through treatment and recovery has been Donna. Donna is a 27 month survivor! She is my Super Hero!

Donna Kaufmann lives in Northern Virginia outside Washington D.C. with her family. Her husband is deployed to Afghanistan for 2 years and she has a 16 year old daughter and 5 year old autistic son. Can you think of anything more challenging?

In 2007 she endured a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and reconstruction, all while struggling with the other issues in her life, and yet has remained a constant supporter and champion to the cause of breast cancer and finding a cure! She took a job with The American Cancer Society and now lobbies in Richmond, Virginia and on Capitol Hill in support of cancer awareness and funding. She took me to the gym when I was 1 month out of chemo. I was so weak yet she convinced me that I could do it and become stronger each day. She celebrated with me on my 1 year cancer- versary of my diagnosis by handing out pink ribbons with me at the local sandwich shop and going to spin class with me (wearing her pink ballet tutu no less!). With exuberance and grace and a smile, she brings awareness to this disease so that others will not have to go through it.

She kept telling me I would be alright and, though I didn’t believe her at the time, she has given me the strength to move forward with a healthy lifestyle and overcome the challenges that breast cancer introduces into a young woman’s life. When I see what Donna has accomplished, I know I WILL be alright!

Thanks for the nomination! I sent in the bra today to be embroidered and when I get it back I’ll hit the ground running to get it filled up with signatures!!!