Mail Call!

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When your friend or co-worker or loved one is walking or crewing on the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure and they get to camp, there are several things kind of like you get at home. There’s a lounge with a tv. There’s a dining tent where people cook food for you and provide you with entertainment when you eat. There are foot massages and back massages. Port-O-Potties, a sea of pink tents. You don’t have all this stuff at home? Well, chances are that even though you might not have most of these things at home there is something at camp that can help remind your walkers of home. A post office.

That’s right, a post office that you can write to your favorite walker at. Send them a message about how proud you are of them. Or send them a message to joke around. The important thing here is letting them know that you’re thinking of them, because I can guaranty you that they are thinking of you.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that if you’re close family with your walker that you shouldn’t send them mail because you’re going to see them the day before the walk and also when you come to the cheering stations. You are coming to the cheering stations, right? From the perspective of a walker, I can say that it’s fantastic to see everyone at the cheering stations, it is a real boost to help you Keep Going®.  That’s the key phrase, Keep Going.  When you’re walking and still moving, a lot of the soreness and pain that you can potentially feel is held at bay by the fact that you’re moving.  Plus the adrenaline and seeing the cheering stations and everything about the event.  When you get back to camp, you stop moving.  The soreness and pain that was held at bay all through the day (at least partially!) comes back and it’s really nice to have a letter from home to remind you of why you’re doing this.  It’s like a mini-cheering station just for you.

Hopefully my couple of short paragraphs have made you say, “Great!  I’m going to write a letter!  Sign me up!  Uhh, where and when do I send this letter?”  So the good news is that you don’t have to do a whole lot of hunting for the address in some ancient address book.  All you have to do is go to the 3-Day web page ( and click Get Involved and then Spectator Info.  Select the city that your walker or crew is participating in and on the resulting page you should see an address to send your letters to.  If you read through this information you will also have a date that you have to send your letter by which is usually at least a couple of weeks before the event.  Please remember to plan ahead!  One last thing.  You may not see the information on there yet for the city that you are sending to.  The 3-Day does not release this information too far ahead of time, if you don’t see the information, check back about a month before the date of the walk.  This will give you enough time to get the address as well as put it in the mail.

So you’ve sent your mail and you feel great about doing something that will give them a boost at camp and maybe you’re wondering if this is something that you can keep doing.  Well, does your walker or crew belong to a team?  If so, consider writing the teammates a letter.  If you’ve already done that and are STILL wanting to write more letters, then I can suggest looking on the 3-Day Tweeps web site here:  This is a group of people on Twitter who have a virtual team that they give each other advice and support on their 3-Day journey.  If you’re looking for someone to write a letter to, check them out, they are a great bunch of people.

The last little bit I have to write about is directed to the walkers and crew.  Hopefully your friends and loved ones have seen this post and decided that they will send you a message.  Don’t do what I did in Boston earlier this year and forget to check the mail!  You’ll feel pretty bummed afterward that you didn’t check it and if someone asks if you got their letter you will feel even worse.  So make sure you check the mail to get your mini-cheering station!  You never know who might mail you!



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Hi everyone.  I just wanted to put out a quick note to let you know that the rss feed for the site has changed.  If you have been using please change your feeds to

Sorry for the inconvenience.  I’m making some changes over here to make managing this page a little easier.



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My wife makes these awesome signs to hold at cheering stations. This year, she had a sign that said, “My Husband: Sexiest Man You’ll Ever See Wearing a Pink Bra!”. In 2008, she made a sign with a picture of my head at the top and then a drawn body wearing a real bra. I guess you could say it was foreshadowing of this year and actual me wearing a bra at the 3-Day. Also in 2008, she made a sign for my son to carry that said, “My daddy is a warrior against breast cancer!” It didn’t really hit me until later what that meant. At the time, I didn’t feel like a warrior. Maybe it was because of how tired I was from all the walking, maybe I had just never thought about it in that way, but over the weeks and months that followed that 3-Day I realized that I am a warrior against breast cancer, and chances are that if you are reading this then you are too.

What Makes a Warrior?

Whoa, wait a minute, that last sentence might have startled you a little bit like it did me. You may be wondering how you could possibly make you a warrior against breast cancer and I think it’s probably more subtle than you think. While I think that it would be pretty easy to say that people who do these walks and raise all sorts of money for the fight against breast cancer are warriors, I also think it’s more than that. You can be a warrior against breast cancer without ever lacing up the shoes.

I personally believe that each and every person that made a donation to my 3-Day for the Cure efforts is a warrior against breast cancer. They could have very easily said that they didn’t have the money that month or they could have just done nothing and not made donation. But these awesome people decided that it was more important to make a contribution to the fight against breast cancer than it was to get their latte or buy that video game or any other number of things that they could have spent their money on other than a charity.

The next group of warriors against breast cancer make contributions that are more than money can buy. These are the people that support all the walkers and crew in their endeavors. They cheer us on at cheering stations, they push us out of bed for training walks (ok, while that might not seem so supportive at 5 in the morning, it got me out on the training walks which was a big help), they put up with us being away from family for so long because of training. They do all of these things to help keep us on course and keep us motivated for our training and our fund raising. Without them, this event would be a whole lot harder. Without them, we would not make such strides in our fight against breast cancer.

I guess that what I’m saying with all of this is that everyone that goes out of their comfort zone or out of their daily routine to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer is a warrior. Some may think that this is a little hokey, but this has been on my mind for a good while now and it’s something that I felt needed to be said.

Battle Call

Now is the time where I call you to action. If you haven’t ever been involved in the 3-Day for the Cure this is your chance. As I said above, there are many ways in which you can participate and bring out the warrior that I know you can be. Maybe walking is the right choice for you, did you know that the 2011 3-Day for the Cure registration is now open? You could start a team of friends or you could join a team. If you’re really dedicated you could join on your own! Maybe you don’t want to do all that walking, I admit 60 miles is a bit daunting. You can still be involved in the event by being a crew member. Registration for the 2011 3-Day is open for that too! (to register, go to Ok, maybe you don’t want to participate in an event. Make a donation to someone that you know that is walking in the walk. We all have to raise $2300 to do this and the more money that we raise the closer that we get to a cure! Don’t have the funds? Look into supporting a walker or crew member in another way. Send them a letter at the 3-Day camp (if you go to spectator info on the 3-Day page and select the city it has instructions to do this) or come cheer them on at a cheering station!

Whatever you do, know that you are doing it for an amazingly good cause. Thanks for reading and thanks for all that you do to be a warrior against breast cancer.


Friday Poll – What’s Your Favorite Team Name?

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This week’s poll is about what your favorite 3-Day for the Cure team name is. But you can’t nominate your own name!


Friday Poll – John’s Bras Results

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We’re not doing a poll today, but since last week was more of a quiz to see who could guess how many bras I would be packing, I thought I would go ahead and put the results here.

34% of people that voted said that I would be packing 3 bras for the 3-Day for the Cure and sadly, they would be wrong. The next highest vote was for 6 bras with 22% of the vote. Congratulations people that voted 6, you were correct! Rub it in your friends faces that you were able to guess how many bras this guy was going to pack on the 3-Day. Or maybe not. For those of you wondering, here’s how it breaks down:

3 bras for wearing that I promised donors that I would do in my video fund raiser.
3 bras will be on my backpack. One is the Survivor bra, which helped me in fund raising, One is a thank you for The Speed Gamers for raising over $10,000 to help out with fund raising and one is in memory of Misha Thomas, who lost her fight against breast cancer this year. Here’s what the bras on my pack will look like. You’ll just have to wait to see what the bras that I am wearing will look like.

<%image(20100709-bras.jpg|400|300|The Bras)%>

Thanks everyone for voting and trying to guess how many bras I will be packing. I’ll see you at the 3-Day!